Thursday, August 11, 2016

ideas for LHIN

If system transformation was fully achieved in the Central East LHIN, what would it look like in your own words, taking into consideration and including the role of Primary Care and Family

Setup program to train lay volunteers to take up roles as health educators to augment our strained human resources; create templates for “health internship programs” for students and “health education senior internship programs” for the retired.  
Young people:
Collaborate with schools & colleges to identify children at risk for mental health illness & to begin mindfulness training classes in schools & broaden health teaching and other essential life skills classes in schools.
Track high risk patient list  (complex, chronic disease, resource poor, mental health, addiction)
For each of the above high risk group, ensure adequate funding for effective education/prevention programs that have proven to ameliorate the risks.
Why would you like to support the Central East Health Links?  What steps do you see as essential to take in order for family doctors and Nurse Practitioners to engage in Health Links more broadly across the Central East LHIN?

The transformation should improve Canadian universal health care: delivery and sustainability.

Care partners need to be more conscious of the importance of not only being an educator of health care issues but to become educator of future educators.

Care partners needs to have a stronger morale - to feel the gratification of having an incredibly important role in our society; as educator of healthcare educators and health care deliverer.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Can we immunize our kids against Addiction and Mental illness?

Can we "immunize" our kids against Addiction and Mental illness? 
Vaccination has proven to save lives.   Can we immunize against Addiction and Mental illness?
Nadar asked some excellent questions!!
"...So does anyone have any ideas? With all the apps, websites and blogs, is there any effective answer to the question of countering self-harm that has plagued Humankind forever? Would it be focused family upbringing? Sure. But obviously that leaves out many people who do not have that good fortune...."
Yes indeed, our Health Care Systems is fighting a losing battle --- against whom?
Nader suggest the fight is really against a legion of "self-harm", "addictions" wrought by profit driven corporations.  Except for those with good fortune of having some equivalent of a "focused family upbringing", the rest are helplessly at risk.
If it is knowledge and understanding that is badly needed for those who are less fortunate, why not bring the battle into the classrooms in elementary schools; lets vaccinate the children against addiction and mental illness.
Offer classes and workshops on addiction and mental health (and other aspect of health and life-skills)
Examples for Elementary school: "why do kids bully?", "why do my parents yell at me?", "Why should we be polite and listen?", "What happens to the food we eat?"...
Examples Post-elementary School: "Why do I get nervous", "Why do I get sad", "Why do I get so angry?", "why do some kids hurt themselves?", "What is panic disorder?", "why do I have a headache?", "Why is Math important to me"
Bring the best educators, speakers, artists, entertainers, courses and workshops to the classrooms with online, appropriate medium and MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses).
Train the teachers to be facilitators and allow the students to learn from the best with the best tools and from each other through workshops and role playing.
Finally improve the process by following the real data;  let the kids decide which method is better...Cream rises to the top.
Should such a "immunization" program be implemented?
If so, how?

Mind Checkup

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