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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Youth suicide highlights a healthcare system in crisis

“If we are to reach real peace in this world… We shall Have to begin with our children.” -- Mahatma Ghandi

Patient-resource is the largely forgotten component of many discussions on healthcare.
The only way to keep up with a forever growing healthcare demand is to grow supply at an equal pace.
Health care must be everyone's business.  A population well informed about healthcare = a healthier population = more efficient health care system.

Let's encourage the use of well developed concept of "online forums", listserv and "MOOC's" as efficient ways to pass on knowledge. Train our health care providers not to be satisfied with only helping one patient at a time but to become health care teachers of teachers.
Let’s expand the health care teaching in primary school to include mental health teaching; such preventative health education should start in the "formative years"; it is a "mental illness vaccine" against mental health illness such as anxiety/depressive disorders, bullying and teenage suicides)
Let’s encourage or expand high school and university co-op programs & internships in health care facilities ( including doctor's offices); students learn about health care, become teacher of more junior students, develop leadership skills and people skills; health care provider gets inexpensive human resources.
Let's encourage students of arts to promote healthcare teachings and healthcare knowledge translation using the medium of their choice.

Perhaps most important of all, let’s encourage business and marketing students to promote the above concepts using modern marketing medium; if the marketing minds can make the drinking of certain beverages seem so sexy why not invite them to sell us on the Power of Healthcare Knowledge - only a motivated populace of learners and teachers of healthcare knowledge will ensure a healthier population and sustainable healthcare system.

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