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Monday, September 18, 2017

Self Help Exercise Workshop with Dr. Edward Lee

1-2 pm Main conference room at Ajax Harwood Clinic for Tai Chi Class

Please come join us and discover together:
Let’s discover together how your body works.
Can we overcome our problems without the aid of others or medication?
Let’s work together and share techniques that help us manage our pain.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Back Massage on Demand - self-administered

describes exercise I’d like to promote: a self-administered back decompression exercise that utilizes abdominal musculature:
1. Sit up straight, shoulders back and down, take 3 stacked inspiration to ensure lung is in maximal inflation; abdomen should protruded to allow more room for full inspiration.
2. hold the breath in
3. compress abdominal muscles and feel the spinal decompression from internal pressure - a person with 40” abd girth, at 2 PSI intra-abdominal pressure can generate 250lb of decompression force along the spine.

This is a manoeuvre that can relieve nerve compression from degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine.
I have some left leg numbness and pain which I can relieve instantly using this technique; it can be used any time and in any body position.
Other virtues of this exercise are as follows:
Breathing exercise: "triple breathing exercise" (ie. three inspiration followed by 3 expiration... in contrast to the conventional one inspiration followed by 1 expiration)
1. mental meditation, self regulation, self-calming; relieve trapped mind
2. improve thoracic posture
3. improve ventilation; tidal volume; vital capacity; respiratory musculature (scalenes, intercostals and diaphragmatic)
4. improve respiration; better oxygenation and pCO2
5. improve abdominal musculature
6. decompress lumbar spine
7. improve pelvic musculature and improve bladder and sphincter control
8. improve CM (centre of mass) awareness; and improve balance