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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Back Massage on Demand - self-administered

describes exercise I’d like to promote: a self-administered back decompression exercise that utilizes abdominal musculature:
1. Sit up straight, shoulders back and down, take 3 stacked inspiration to ensure lung is in maximal inflation; abdomen should protruded to allow more room for full inspiration.
2. hold the breath in
3. compress abdominal muscles and feel the spinal decompression from internal pressure - a person with 40” abd girth, at 2 PSI intra-abdominal pressure can generate 250lb of decompression force along the spine.

This is a manoeuvre that can relieve nerve compression from degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine.
I have some left leg numbness and pain which I can relieve instantly using this technique; it can be used any time and in any body position.
Other virtues of this exercise are as follows:
Breathing exercise: "triple breathing exercise" (ie. three inspiration followed by 3 expiration... in contrast to the conventional one inspiration followed by 1 expiration)
1. mental meditation, self regulation, self-calming; relieve trapped mind
2. improve thoracic posture
3. improve ventilation; tidal volume; vital capacity; respiratory musculature (scalenes, intercostals and diaphragmatic)
4. improve respiration; better oxygenation and pCO2
5. improve abdominal musculature
6. decompress lumbar spine
7. improve pelvic musculature and improve bladder and sphincter control
8. improve CM (centre of mass) awareness; and improve balance
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