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Do you know anyone with....?

 tendon xanthoma
If you or someone in your family have tendon xanthoma please let your doctor know; you might be at higher risk for heart disease; the good news is that you might also be a candidate for treatment with PCSK9 inhibitor.

If you have know cardiovascular disease and are already on a statin and still have LDL above 1.8 mmol/L; please speak to your doctor.  You might qualify for treatment with PCSK9 inhibitor.

Objective of Population Health Project - PCSK9 candidate

Identify high risk patients who are condidate for treatment with PCSK9.

Population HealthScreen for HeFH populationUse report by template:

42. LDL > 4.9 in 12 months

47. statin by provider
Statin by provider
pro-protein convertase substilisin/kexin type 9
HeFH Population; TC/LDL > 7.5/4.9 + (tendon xanthomas or FHx: MI<60 yrs of age) LDL -C >=1.8 mmol/L while on statin therapy
Lifetime burden of high cholesterol leads to huge increased risk of cardiovascular disease. FH is among the most common inherited conditions: Prevalence of heterozygous FH (HeFH) is 1:300-1:500.

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